What's the best IDE for web development?

created by eric 9 days ago
  • Sublime

  • Microsoft Visual Studio

    • MikZeR9 days ago

      I'm personally a .NET C# webdeveloper and I use Visual Studio

      • connorjshea9 days ago

        Switching from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code today. Took me a while, but I really want to go with an open source editor and everyone keeps raving about it.

        • Mino9 days ago

          Highly featured, zippy, stable

          • sunandom5 days ago

            Interactive and dynamic Web development. Best debugging in the world

            • rahul4 days ago

              tunak tunak tun tara ra

            • PhpStorm

            • Komodo

              • NogDog9 days ago

                As far as free editors go, I like Komodo Edit. Komodo IDE has more features and is not free, but Edit is a very nice code editor that supports many code languages for syntax checking and highlighting.

                • chocnut9 days ago

                  I would also go for Komodo Edit, it is straight text based

                • Atom

                  • huwad9 days ago

                    I'm using Atom text editor.. the best for me so far

                    • spackle05 days ago

                      A bit more stable than Sublime, I've found but more complicated settings.

                    • Bracket

                    • IntelliJ

                      • ArnavVarshney6 days ago

                        The best ide ever. Intelligent prediction and code completion. Also has a nice debug feature!

                      • Dreamweaver

                        • designersX9 days ago

                          Dreamweaver is a good IDE for Web Develpment. It has features to add its own bits of code to make things. I use Komodo Edit, but there are others out there. Its a good and based of straight text. I get into my wordpress account from that, (or access any ftp) and a make edit and update the files live from that. You can get your desire framework and theme to easy set the css.

                        • Eclipse

                        • Aptana