Are Pit Bulls dangerous dogs?

created by eric 15 days ago
  • Yes

    • Donovon Lee
      Donovon Lee15 days ago

      Tons of dead kids and pets speak otherwise.

      • casurfcasurf
        casurfcasurf14 days ago

        That bread needs to be bread out of existence. Ppl always say, "but chiwawas bite my ppl than pit bulls". To that I say, "a chewawa don't even brake the skin, a pit kills you"

        • Shaun Rathy
          Shaun Rathy15 days ago

          Dogs such as the American pitbull terrier and the Staffordshire terrier account for 82% of all dog-attributed human fatalities and 95% of animal deaths due to dog attacks. They should not be highly rated in the areas of friendliness towards children, people, dogs or other animals.

          • David H
            David H15 days ago

            nanny dog myth just won't die. The dogs were created to be used for the "entertainment" of bull and bear baiting. When that was outlawed they were found to be perfect for the equally fun sport of dog fighting.

            • LabLovinLenore
              LabLovinLenore15 days ago

              Murderous breed of MUTANTS is what they are.

              • Biscuits
                Biscuits15 days ago

                How many innocent kids and dogs are ripped apart each year by these Dogs. Please do your homework Dog Breed specialists and stop promoting dangerous dogs to unsuspecting people!

                • nonpitbullpetslivesmattertoo
                  nonpitbullpetslivesmattertoo15 days ago

                  Pit bulls are selectively bred to recognize other dogs are prey to fight in a pit. You never know when it will be triggered. Pit bull type-dogs kill 40,000 animals a year! Our laws need to change. Pit bull owners are getting away with murder. These pit bull owners need to stop terrorizing the public with their dogs. These pit bull owners should be charged with assault by a deadly weapon. Please contact your city council. Pit-bull type dogs are responsible for 95% of severe attacks on people, pets and livestock. Please follow for one month. You will be shocked at all the people and pets that are severely maimed or killed by pit bulls.

                  • nonpitbullpetslivesmattertoo
                    nonpitbullpetslivesmattertoo15 days ago

                    I don't hate pit bulls at all. It's not the dogs fault that they were selectively bred for certain traits that aren't remotely necessary or wanted now. That they continue to be bred by fools and thugs and continue to be pushed as family dogs by the ignorant and gullible. I hope for mandatory spaying and neutering and letting the breed be phased out so the poor animals no longer fill shelters and landfills. I don't hate lions and bears either, but like pits, they are not suitable pets.

                    • Andrew Noyes
                      Andrew Noyes14 days ago

                      Shit dog owners galore. The difference is when it's a tiny dog, and it decides it wants to attack you, you slap it. When it's a pitbull or Rottweiler, the damage is vastly greater. It isn't dissimilar from an argument about gun control - we all generally accept that people are the problem, however, we differ on whether many stupid people mucking it up justifies taking them away from everyone.

                      • comradestumpII
                        comradestumpII14 days ago

                        One day, owning a pit bull will be deemed an Anti-American activity. The breed will be banned and their owners will be shamed for selfishly putting their Community at risk! Own a normal dog!

                        • coochiepls
                          coochiepls14 days ago

                          the fact of the matter is hundreds of years of selective breeding have created an exceptionally deadly animal. Like aussie Shepards can start herding naturally, so too can a pit bull grab a human and not let go.

                          • EuromuttPrideWW
                            EuromuttPrideWW14 days ago

                            You should watch the video of that grandma getting attacked by a pit bull out of nowhere for no reason

                            • _Discouraged
                              _Discouraged14 days ago

                              The content of a pit bull’s character just so happens to be mauling a small child by the windpipe and leaving them permanently disfigured

                              • BrittanyVenti
                                BrittanyVenti14 days ago

                                Deflects Pit bull problem, Gives irrelevant issue as an argument, Won't let go of delusions like how their dog doesn't let go of flesh - Yep that's a pit parent

                                • WildGoose
                                  WildGoose14 days ago

                                  Pit bulls kill and maim more people and animals than all other dog breeds combined.

                                  • Zunammie
                                    Zunammie 7 days ago

                                    Yes! Pitbulls can be vicious.

                                  • No

                                    • Jesse Harper
                                      Jesse Harper15 days ago

                                      have had 3 pitbulls in my life and never have they been aggressive to other animals/people .. quite opposite acually

                                      • Lisa Thomason
                                        Lisa Thomason15 days ago

                                        I don't have pit bulls personally, but have fostered several, and had others I've done dog-sitting for at my home; and have "tons" of friends with pits who are friendly with kids, other dogs, and are overall terrific family dogs.

                                        • heatherjasper
                                          heatherjasper15 days ago

                                          Look up golden retriever attack stats. They attack people frequently, yet no one points it out because everyone "knows" that they are friendly. It's the individual dogs and the owners, not the breed. German shepherds were once targeted as aggressive, yet almost everyone nowadays say that they are wonderful family pets.

                                          • Mary Hawemann
                                            Mary Hawemann15 days ago

                                            every dog has their own personality and will react based on past experience, fear, lack of socialization, pain, improper training. They can be a product of their environment or just selective like we are. like I always say, if it has teeth it can bite, you do not know what may cause a dog to react. An unfettered dog may react differently than an unneutered, pure manliness in action. I have a whippet that does not not like hairy dogs and some males, its my job to maintain distance and watch his body language. Just being a responsible owner

                                            • Mary Hawemann
                                              Mary Hawemann15 days ago

                                              Actually staffed and pit bull breeds have been around since 1800's, maybe longer. they were the family pet, child babysitter, farm dog and family guardian. easy to train andcwillingbto please. Not until they fell into the wrong hands for being easy to train, willing to please did they become the fighting dog most people think they are. there are bad owners but not really bad breeds. Actually labs are the most reported dog bite offenders in the UK

                                              • Shannon Michelle Todd
                                                Shannon Michelle Todd15 days ago

                                                First of all, because they are one of the most common breeds in the United states. You won't see a Gordon setter. Pitbulls, are also 90% bred by backyard breeders and are overbred. So many reasons they have illusion about them. They are NOT AGGRESSIVE DOGS. They need to be socialized and not bred by every person who owns one. They are so common so =more reported bites.

                                                • Ruelle
                                                  Ruelle15 days ago

                                                  a dogs violence depends fully on its upbringing i have a bull mastiff and shes the friendliest calmest dog ive ever had please dont be judgemental these dogs are just fine without your mean statements

                                                  • Brian
                                                    Brian15 days ago

                                                    Pit bulls are no more or less dangerous than any other dog of similar size. External factors such as early training and socialization, proper nutrition and maintenance are the biggest influence on a dog's behavior. Genetics play a role in influencing a dog's potential for aggression but the external factors I mentioned are the key to whether or not a dog will live up to that potential. The thing that a lot of people do not understand is aggression is not a trait, it is a behavior. The general consensus among professionals is that breed plays little role in canine aggression. Studies have shown a great deal of variance in aggression shown by large groups of dogs of the same breed. Basically it's like this. Take two groups of dogs of all different breeds. One group consists of dogs that are trained and well cared for, while the other group is made up of untrained, neglected dogs that have not been socialized. The dogs in the second group will have a much larger percentage of aggressive dogs than the well cared for group of dogs will, regardless of breed.

                                                    • spookydog19
                                                      spookydog1915 days ago

                                                      Promoting fear, hatred and ignorance toward pit bulls because of a bad personal experience or because one believes the media monster dog fabrication is just not logical. The majority of these dogs live in stable family environments. It is interesting to note that you self-proclaimed "dog experts" conveniently leave out other breeds of dogs that attack, maim and kill. These folks are not interested in public safety or protecting anyone or anything. Their sole purpose is to malign and exterminate an entire class of dog based on personal hatred. The arguments the anti-pit bull cult present are nonsensical, lack any real empirical evidence to support their bogus claims, believe in conspiracy theories, ticking time bombs, and also believe in a “dog fighting industry” that financially supports organizations that do actual canine research. How realistic is that? There is not one professional canine behavior organization that supports the anti-pit bull groups' stance on pit bulls.

                                                      • seriouslysiera
                                                        seriouslysiera14 days ago

                                                        Stfu they are precious

                                                        • BruhhIron
                                                          BruhhIron14 days ago

                                                          Absolutely not.

                                                          • heylee25
                                                            heylee2514 days ago

                                                            Any dog can be dangerous.

                                                            • madisonresnick
                                                              madisonresnick14 days ago

                                                              It’s not the breed that’s the issue, it’s the people that train animals to be vicious. Ban the idiots that do that, not pit bulls