Best way to prepare for a technical interview?

created by eric 6 months ago
  • Study programming language syntax

    • tommyboy
      tommyboy6 months ago

      When interviewing, you're not going to have access to the internet or Stackoverflow, so you need to brush up on your primary language syntax, in particular for things that you don't write often, but will likely be asked about.

    • Study big-o complexity

      • jroberts
        jroberts6 months ago

        It's really important to understand the trade offs of space time complexity. Sometimes you want to optimize for time (fast) and sometimes you want to optimize for space(memory)

        • tommyboy
          tommyboy6 months ago

          Tech companies love to ask about the big o complexity for space and time of common algos, or your solution. A good engineer will be able to analyze their own solutions.

        • Study data structures

          • jeffworks
            jeffworks6 months ago

            critical. Nearly all technical interviews will involve the candidate understanding data structures of some kind, such as arrays, maps, linked lists, graphs, trees, etc.

          • Research the company

            • jeffworks
              jeffworks6 months ago

              Often overlooked, but super important. Researching the company and coming up with questions about the company and role are major indicators that you're interested and excited about the opportunity

            • Read up on new emerging technologies

              • bigfoot
                bigfoot6 months ago

                Always good to spend at least 30 minutes reading up on emerging technologies, especially ones that are new to you that you think the company uses.

              • Study common algorithms

                • nessy
                  nessy6 months ago

                  Don't get caught off guard when an interviewer asks about quick sort, merge sort, binary tree operations, etc. Knowing these will send a strong signal that you have solid CS skills

                • Study software design principles