Can normal people afford to live in California?

created by eric 3 months ago
  • No

    • David
      David3 months ago

      As a normal person living in California.... I’ll just say it’s possible, not ideal, but for the short comings there are also a lot of great things about California. There’s a reason we all live here. If you don’t like it, you certainly aren’t forced to be here. Maybe if some people leave, our housing market might go down to a place that’s not just insanity.

      • YahuIsTrash
        YahuIsTrash3 months ago

        Just got done with my family's taxes. Paid $28k in real estate taxes and $72k in income taxes. For what??????

        • JohnH
          JohnH3 months ago

          I live in Cali and everything he says is true. The weather here is great and my kids live here but am really considering leaving.

          • paul
            paul3 months ago

            My favorite bumper sticker: Welcome to California- now go home. If you can't hack it here, don't come here.

            • Erich
              Erich3 months ago

              I think CA is beautiful but I had to give up living there after 26 years.....the taxes and the politics drove me out and I am not sorry I left!

              • MichaelT
                MichaelT3 months ago

                Plan on being out of here by summers end. Taxes, insurance, gasoline are very restrictive.

                • Dacl C
                  Dacl C3 months ago

                  Two more years and I retire...and I'm out of here

                  • Pat
                    Pat3 months ago

                    It is a beautiful state. I lived there for three years, but it is simply too expensive. I now live in Texas and we are getting tons of people from the Golden State because they want jobs and the ability to own a house, which is still part of the American dream.

                    • Gaelicgal
                      Gaelicgal3 months ago

                      We moved last year to Tucson AZ and boy am I sooo much happier than in Sacramento area!! Bought twice the house and property here with a pool, fruit trees and roses. People here are much friendlier and COL is so much cheaper! Love the skies and weather (but of course not the extreme over 90 degrees heat)! Thank goodness for air conditioning. Been doing more in the 7 months here than decades in CA and half the expense!! So long CA never see ya again!!!!!

                      • RB
                        RB3 months ago

                        I work for a startup biotech company in the San Diego area. Most all my co-workers are hoping the CEO moves the company out of state, likely AZ

                        • Steven
                          Steven3 months ago

                          California has the highest percentage of people living in poverty..."California continues to have – by far – the nation’s highest level of poverty under an alternative method devised by the Census Bureau that takes into account both broader measures of income and the cost of living. Nearly a quarter of the state’s 38 million residents live in poverty" (Census Bureau report). But California also has a large population of extremely well paid professionals...and thus the greatest income inequity of any state...

                          • Ivan
                            Ivan3 months ago

                            California is growing more than 30+ years ago. Renting with 5-6 other people is normal. I have married friends who moved to New Orleans for cheaper housing options and to start a family.

                            • Lanelle
                              Lanelle3 months ago

                              California born and raised here. None of those reasons are the reasons why I left. I left because of the ridiculously high cost of living. Yes, the middle class is leaving but its because we just can't afford to live there. Its google, facebook, apple, etc.. and all the greedy people in between. That's why we are leaving.

                              • Unhyphenated-American
                                Unhyphenated-American3 months ago

                                Carlson is right! Most recent college graduates can not afford the rent on apartments or purchase a home. The number of homeless increases every day. People living in homeless encampments, their cars and mobile homes. California has 34% of all Welfare Recipients and only 14% of the total population 2.3 Times higher than the average! Driving the roads is next to impossible, out of repair, clogged with traffic and no real mass transit options!

                                • briand
                                  briand3 months ago

                                  I live in SF and looking to leave. I know so many people like me and my wife who are leaving to start a family and buy a house.

                                  • happyguy
                                    happyguy3 months ago

                                    If you reply with "I live here and it is ..." it would help the other readers to understand. Some parts of CA are probably fine for some careers and family settings. The places where tech is, the cost of living is extreme, even for experienced engineers and technical people. My attorney has to commute 20 miles to get to work, and 15 more to get to Court.

                                    • Roger H
                                      Roger H3 months ago

                                      My family and I left 5 years ago. The reasons enumerated were among our primary reasons for leaving.

                                      • Sambo
                                        Sambo3 months ago

                                        I moved out of Santa Monica Ca. 8 years ago and bought a nice house here in Las Vegas. Anyone want to buy it now as I am moving out of country.

                                        • fred
                                          fred3 months ago

                                          I will be retiring soon and will move out of So Cal. Been here since moving here as a child in the 60's. Beautiful state but just two expensive and when Calif's public sector retiring its going to be much worse. Time for a change!

                                        • Yes

                                          • Andy
                                            Andy3 months ago

                                            Since Carlson and Fox don't care much about facts I'll provide. CA. had the lowest per capita rate of exodus of any state; 1.55%. Texas was next at 1.6%. The highest? Alaska, Wyoming and North Dakota...why? It cold and it has much lower opportunities. Complain all you want but CA has the most opportunity, best weather and then most to do of any other state. Stay or go, Californians don't much care.

                                            • Big AL
                                              Big AL3 months ago

                                              California is a great state. Lots of sunshine. Beautiful women everywhere. Jobs plentiful. Entertainment plentiful. Property values that double every 15-20 years. It's a fantastic place to live, and I'm never leaving.

                                              • Richard
                                                Richard3 months ago

                                                I feel pretty normal. My parents were working class. I am a retiree ($75k plus Social Security per year). Bought my house, after I retired, with no down payment. Live on the central coast. If you don't want to live here, don't. I can't think of any reason to leave.

                                                • citizen
                                                  citizen3 months ago

                                                  OMG! tech's are concentrated in one sml area, and anyone who know what a map looks like, can see the size and diversity of CA. I live in the northern part of the state, inland, in a lovely rural, peaceful, community. Counties up here are red but not extreme right, at least most. Being Independent, I have friends on both sides.

                                                  • Blake
                                                    Blake3 months ago

                                                    I have no idea what everyone is complaining about. I’ve lived in Burbank, CA my entire life and I haven’t had a day in my life where I’ve hated living in California. I have a degree, job, and a house that I bought two years ago. I have the ability to drive to beautiful places with my friends, such as Big Bear (2 hours away), Las Vegas (4 hours away), San Francisco (6 hours away), numerous places near the Pacific Ocean and mountains and so on… I am lucky to live in a place that has such a big diversity too, because I am able to experience a plethora of delicious cuisines and experience such fascinating cultures. We have nation ranked schools, museums, monuments, and much more. I don’t mind the earthquakes once in a while because I’d rather have that than snow storms, tornados or hurricanes. I personally don’t care what other people have to say about California. I love every state and I love California. I love this entire nation as a whole and it’s time we enjoy its beauty, diversity, and cherish its value. And I know that people will say, “EW, CALIFORNIA! IT’S RIDDLED WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!” Well guess what? I know many, MANY undocumented people here and trust me, they’re more giving, kind, and friendly than all the vicious people who’s attack this beloved state.