Most powerful Star Wars Jedi?

created by eric 6 months ago
  • Luke Skywalker

    • rcastro
      rcastro6 months ago

      The thing that happened at the end of Star Wars Episode 8. Nuff said.

      • isaac
        isaac6 months ago

        He was able to defeat Darth Vader with just a few years of training

        • JBTester
          JBTester5 months ago

          He's the best looking obvs!

          • Thomas Munson
            Thomas Munson2 months ago

            As powerful as Master Windu. As wise as Yoda

            • Jesus Aguilar
              Jesus Aguilar2 months ago

              Jedi, Luke. Dark side user, Abeloth.

            • Obi-Wan Kenobi

              • jroberts
                jroberts6 months ago

                He is one of only a handful of Jedi that can become one with the Force upon his death, a skill that he learned from his dead master, Qui Gon Jinn

                • JBTester
                  JBTester5 months ago

                  He's simply the best!

                  • Seanshef2009
                    Seanshef20092 months ago

                    Obi Wan defeated some of the most powerful sith including Darth maul, Anakin, and Anakin as Vader again through Luke and the force connection established after his death. He also had diplomatic abilities beyond that of most of the jedi counsel.

                    • Chuck Kelley
                      Chuck Kelley2 months ago

                      I still say obi wan because he took down vader before the suit. If he continued to train he could have become an even greater jedi but chose to keep an eye on luke instead

                    • Yoda

                      • eric
                        eric6 months ago

                        one of the few who have mastered the ability to reach beyond the grave and join the living Force as a ghost

                        • eric
                          eric6 months ago


                          • gward
                            gward6 months ago

                            Most wise of all the Jedi

                            • tester1
                              tester14 months ago

                              green machine

                            • Rey

                              • pedro
                                pedro6 months ago

                                Figured out how to use the Jedi mind trick all on her own without any guidance

                                • eleanor
                                  eleanor6 months ago

                                  Naturally attuned to the Force

                                • Mace Windu

                                • Qui-Gon Jinn

                                  • terri
                                    terri6 months ago

                                    Guided Yoda and Obi-Wan as a spirit in the afterlife

                                    • terri
                                      terri6 months ago

                                      Put up with Jar Jar Binks and didn't kill himself

                                      • terri
                                        terri6 months ago

                                        He's hot

                                      • Anakin Skywalker

                                        • tdallday
                                          tdallday6 months ago

                                          Better than his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, before turning to dark side

                                          • techdad
                                            techdad6 months ago

                                            One of the highest midi-chlorian count of any Jedi

                                            • RNDG
                                              RNDG5 months ago

                                              If he wasn't blinded by the dark side he would beaten obi wan's ass for sure

                                            • Count Dooku

                                              • redvixen
                                                redvixen6 months ago

                                                Yoda once said "Best of all, Dooku would be". He would have been one of the most powerful Jedi had he not fallen to the Dark side.