Should America have left the Iran nuclear deal?

created by eric 13 days ago
  • Yes

    • montie
      montie13 days ago

      Iran deal brought “calm” @BowenBBC tells News at 10. Absolute crap. It helped fund Iranian role in Syria and elsewhere.

      • Itchi_Fanny
        Itchi_Fanny13 days ago

        Trump nuclear deal pullout: Iran politicians set fire to US flag in parliament and chant 'death to America' - The Independent. Which proves Trump was 100% correct to pull out.

        • SiddonsDan
          SiddonsDan13 days ago

          “The President absolutely made the right decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. When @realDonaldTrump draws a red line, our president enforces the red line.”~@nikkihaley

          • omidee
            omidee13 days ago

            The Nuclear Deal is off now. Thanks to Trump. What I did not get is why The EU's Chief negotiator was not happy at all?! Is it because she thought Trump did not give a shit about the EU or...? It is time now to get back at toppling the Islamic Regime.

            • dcp718
              dcp71813 days ago

              We just found out last week that Iran has been secretly going against the deal since the beginning... They broke the deal before it even really got started. And you are saying we are the bad guys here?

            • No

              • dlacalle_IA
                dlacalle_IA13 days ago

                May, Merkel, and Macron say they take note of U.S.’s withdrawal from the agreement with “regret” and “concern”. The three leaders also urge Iran “to show restraint,” and urge the U.S. to ensure that the structures of that deal “can remain intact”.

                • McFaul
                  McFaul13 days ago

                  Lets play a parlor game. What is the one action that could unite NATO allies and Russia and China against the United States? Answer: Pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

                  • e1ais
                    e1ais13 days ago

                    The U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear accord plays right into the hopes and dreams of Russian President Vladimir Putin. .... like a puppet on a string