Should Dreamers be protected from deportation (DACA)?

created by eric 4 months ago
  • No

    • SUSAN
      SUSAN4 months ago


      • Skillet
        Skillet4 months ago

        Remember to vote in November. Secure our borders now.

        • Carole R
          Carole R4 months ago

          No amnesty.

          • Get REAL
            Get REAL4 months ago

            Ah, his was elected to take care of the United States CITIZENS first and foremost.

            • Ba
              Ba4 months ago

              Now we can finally concentrate on the legal citizens of this country and concern ourselves with where our hardworking tax money is going.

              • don
                don4 months ago

                THANK YOU Donald for upholding our laws!Vote in NOV.

                • Patricia
                  Patricia4 months ago

                  I was born and have lived in this country over 60 years. I am expected to obey the law, and so should they.

                  • bob
                    bob4 months ago

                    Where will Democrats find new voters?

                    • labamba
                      labamba4 months ago

                      What country can an American go as an undocumented immigrant bring our children and expect that Government to support them. Tell me why we should reciprocate.

                      • Robert Kovacik
                        Robert Kovacik4 months ago

                        My American kids and grandkids have dreams . They come 1st .Happy Easter

                        • Chris
                          Chris4 months ago

                          It is so refreshing to see those in office put American citizens first. I want to here more politicians supporting the president's stance on immigration.

                          • jon
                            jon4 months ago

                            Do the Right Thing Today - CALL the Agents at ICE......1-866-347-2423

                            • Billie
                              Billie4 months ago

                              Thank you for enforcing the law

                              • paul
                                paul4 months ago

                                Close our borders!

                                • Bruce
                                  Bruce4 months ago

                                  They had plenty of time to obtain citizenship, but they didn't. Now it's time to go. Seal off the border, stop illegal immigration.

                                  • Angering liberals is fun
                                    Angering liberals is fun4 months ago

                                    YES!!!! Earn your citizenship!!!!!!!!!!

                                    • Freedom Watch
                                      Freedom Watch4 months ago

                                      absolutely love it the dems have been out playing the law long enough They should have fixed it when they had house and senate but did not now it is time to end it

                                      • Dale
                                        Dale4 months ago

                                        if other nations want to live here they must become a part of America under the American Constitution Bill of Rights

                                        • Dale
                                          Dale4 months ago

                                          America is a Sovereign Nation not a free-for-all.

                                          • Libpocracy
                                            Libpocracy4 months ago

                                            Great news. Lets worry about Americans for a change.

                                            • William Rowe
                                              William Rowe4 months ago

                                              I have a great idea.....these DACA who have had years to become legal here, why not enlist them into a four year military career and give them citizenship.

                                              • paul
                                                paul4 months ago

                                                if anyone is not legal in this country, send them back, no matter who. sympathy does not override the rule of law. I am glad we have someone like pres. trump who gets tough. send them packing.

                                                • Jeff
                                                  Jeff4 months ago

                                                  He offered it to Dems in exhange for border security and the wall. They said no. Now there are caravans of 1,500 families walking through Mexico to come mooch off us instead of changing their country. Enough is enough.

                                                  • stevek
                                                    stevek4 months ago

                                                    Good , the flood gates can now be closed

                                                    • David
                                                      David4 months ago

                                                      Mr. President, the Democrats did nothing for DACA in the last budget, don't you realize they don't care?

                                                      • Heidi
                                                        Heidi4 months ago

                                                        As a LEGAL immigrant as my mom was also a LEGAL immigrant...thank you. DACA is like cutting in line at the grocery store and expecting the person behind you to pay for the groceries.

                                                        • Big Gee
                                                          Big Gee4 months ago

                                                          Go Dream in Mexico... Make Mexico Great Again!

                                                          • Jason
                                                            Jason4 months ago

                                                            What’s wrong with no wanting illegal immigrants in this country??? There is a legal process to follow that allows immigrants a path to citizenship. If you don’t like that process then stay in your own country. There is absolutely nothing wrong with protecting our borders and stopping illegal immigration.

                                                            • Sam
                                                              Sam4 months ago

                                                              American’s, DACA recipients, and DREAMers know that all Democrats care about are more votes, and more power. Democrats will pay for it this November.

                                                              • amind139
                                                                amind1394 months ago

                                                                our culture is being destroyed by foreigners, and the promotion of multiculturalism and identity politics are tearing America apart

                                                                • vonalogue
                                                                  vonalogue4 months ago

                                                                  There's a reason for something called a "citizenship." And to protect Dreamers from deportation would be an affront to the millions of immigrants from numerous countries outside of Latin America, immigrants who went through the whole process of working hard and gaining citizenship (and learning English, to boot).

                                                                  • agent156
                                                                    agent1563 months ago

                                                                    Access to America is NOT a global human right. PERIOD.

                                                                    • ObviousTroll
                                                                      ObviousTroll3 months ago

                                                                      To protect Dreamers from deportation would basically be the same as just banning deportation all together, as anybody could claim to be a dreamer and be protected from deportation. Just as most have said, they have plenty of chances to obtain citizenship, and access to any specific country is absolutely NOT a right, unless ALREADY a citizen of that country.

                                                                      • Dr H
                                                                        Dr H3 months ago

                                                                        fuck them they arent american citizens

                                                                        • A resident
                                                                          A resident3 months ago

                                                                          No! This will encourage more illegal immigrants and there will be no ending for boarder security.

                                                                          • A resident
                                                                            A resident3 months ago

                                                                            Law is law is law.

                                                                          • Yes

                                                                            • ThinkDeep
                                                                              ThinkDeep4 months ago

                                                                              So what does Trump plan to do about it - start deporting them?'

                                                                              • blowme_mcsauce
                                                                                blowme_mcsauce4 months ago

                                                                                They have done nothing wrong, they contribute a lot to the nation, 99% law abiding citizens, immoral not to. They young people just trying to make a decent life for themselves of all of the problems with the country none of them are caused by these poor and powerless immigrants.

                                                                                • fdsa
                                                                                  fdsa4 months ago

                                                                                  Unlike most of the commenters, I'm not racist and am not afraid of brown people.

                                                                                  • Think
                                                                                    Think4 months ago

                                                                                    Most of you are referring to these people as if they chose to come here and mooch of the system. The people that the plan is protecting are kids that were brought in without any acknowledgment, dragged by their scared parents into a country that promised a better future. Those protected now have been raised to believe they belong here and have gone through all the same things that kids born here have gone through or worse. Asking all of them to leave back to their own country is like throwing them out into limbo. This is their country. That is why so many are fighting to stay here. The system must change and definitely be enforced but those who were raised on a broken system shouldn't be punished for the actions of their parents

                                                                                    • SenBlumenthal
                                                                                      SenBlumenthal4 months ago

                                                                                      If Pres. Trump won't lead on #DACA, he needs to get out of the way. Congress must act to shield #Dreamers from draconian mass deportation – with or without his help.

                                                                                      • NWPinPDX
                                                                                        NWPinPDX4 months ago

                                                                                        Trump tosses around #Dreamers like they are another commodity that might play a part in his petty #Tarriff tiff. He's completely forgotten that these are human beings, not goods to be stamped "Return to Sender." Trump has no heart. No conscience. And soon? No WH. #DACA #Resist

                                                                                        • MoveOn
                                                                                          MoveOn4 months ago

                                                                                          Lawmakers have failed not only 800,000 Dreamers, but their loved ones, friends, community members, employers & the 86% of Americans who stand with them. Call Congress & demand they #ProtectDreamers TODAY. #DACA #HereToStay #HereToFight

                                                                                          • alliewen21
                                                                                            alliewen214 months ago

                                                                                            #DACA led to a big drop in teenage birth rates among undocumented youth. Additionally, DACA has played a role in more youths graduating high school and going to college. DACA is important not only for the future of undocumented children but also for this country.

                                                                                            • tron
                                                                                              tron3 months ago

                                                                                              no walls, no borders. no human is illegal. people should be free, that includes mobility