Should vaccines be required for children?

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    • Get Serious Folks
      Get Serious Folksa month ago

      some parents are so freaky and many actually contribute to their child's illnesses or problems. I'm associated with the public school system and EVERY child I know that has food allergies or sickly all the time, have parents that hover about their child constantly and off to the doctor with every little sniffle or sneeze. And of course anyone with common sense knows that doctors most often prescribe antibiotics and the overuse of antibiotics will always hinder the body's natural defense system from identifying bacteria that doesn't belong and learning to defend itself. The food allergy children I know of, have over protective-hovering about type moms that ONLY allow their child to eat very lightly, low fat and little protein, mostly veggies and fruit....the children are scrawny in appearance though many are very intelligent and socialize well, but often whine more or have temper tantrums when a project isn't going just as they had expected. Stop pampering the kids and just let them be kids. Children are resilient beings and learn to solve their problems quickly and learn from their mistakes. Ever see a child dressed in so much protective gear before going on a bike ride, that it looks ridiculous. It happens---lol

      • rrtrack
        rrtracka month ago

        "From January 1 to June 26, 2015, 178 people from 24 states and the District of Columbia were reported to have measles."And not one single death. In fact, there hasn't been a single death from measles in over 12 years. However over 108 deaths from the measles vaccine. Facts hurt. In these modern times, getting measles is no more dangerous than getting the common cold. We are not a third world country, we have good nutrition (Vitamin A helps prevent measles and lessens the severity when it's contracted), clean water, modern sanitation and modern medicine in this country. This is nothing more than a ploy to make more money for the greedy pharmaceutical companies. Ask yourselves why they are pushing laws like this, ask yourselves why congress passed laws that protect pharmaceutical companies from being sued over vaccine injuries, ask yourselves why there isn't a single pro-vaccine study done that does not have ties to big pharma. Ask yourselves WHY!?!

        • nicolas
          nicolasa month ago

          You do not have to vaccinate your kid if you don't want to. Nobody is forcing you. You just can't send your kid to public school if you don't. Why should you be allowed to send your unvaccinated child to school, with everyone else? You believe that nonsense... we don't. You don't have the right to force the rest of us to send our kids to school with your kid...we have rights too. It has already been proven definitively that vaccines don't cause autism. Advanced age of the mother and more accurate diagnosis and recognition does. All the additives have been removed... and if you aren't sure...ask to read the label. A recent study shows that the increase in food allergies may be due to the over use of antibiotics and a decline in breastfeeding. I work in health care and I can tell you the stories of how quickly a parent's tune changes when their kid is sick AND YES CHILDREN DO DIE! From the complications that come. You got it and didn't die..great. Other kids may not be so lucky. Keep your kids home if you don't want to vaccinate. Nobody is forcing you.

          • Dooglas
            Dooglasa month ago

            It means soon terrible, misinformed parents will be required by law to protect their children.

            • coffee boy
              coffee boya month ago

              Unconstitutional! It's a Parents right to decide!

              • DrewG
                DrewGa month ago

                i believe in a responsible inoculation schedule, but the current US recommended vax schedule is out of control. giving a baby, less than one hour old, a shot for a sexually transmitted disease? seriously people, big pharma is out of control.

                • Private
                  Privatea month ago

                  Regardless of what you think about vaccines.. the issue here is the constitution. They have overstepped their bounds as a government institution by revoking the religious exemption. They can pull the "personal belief" part because that is not protected in the constitution. But the first amendment covers the government not being able to mandate you to do anything which goes against your religion. If your religious beliefs (which cannot be challenged in any way by anyone or questioned) allow for you to refuse certain vaccines... then the government cannot force you to go to school, and also get a shot. It is a violation of any parents rights and will be challenged under the 1st amendment in the supreme court garaunteed. This "home schooling" option isn't valid either unless you want to do it.. a school cannot turn a tax payer away for such BS. Everything about this is wrong from a legal stand point. If you want to challenge me on that, then do so from a legality stand point because that is all I am talking about.

                  • JoC
                    JoCa month ago

                    I vaccinated my kids and still would if I were a new mother today. That said, I think the government/schools have no business in my family's medical decisions. I'm so glad I don't live in California. That place is full of people who think if you don't agree with them they should pass a law to force your compliance with their beliefs.

                    • George
                      Georgea month ago

                      Which means all illegal children will receive all shots at the cost to the tax payers of California.

                      • Trinitie
                        Trinitiea month ago

                        The ability to opt out of paying school tax should now be available for parents who have to homeschool to keep their beliefs in tact. No one should be forced to pay for something they cannot use (Public school, ACA) or be injected with anything they disagree with. It's unconstitutional to continue to take rights away from the American people. Where does it stop? And why is there a fear on those non- vaccinated if vaccine works so well. It should be a personal choice that is not infringed upon by government.

                        • Ogre
                          Ogrea month ago

                          Okay. As illogical as this seems....What about the playgrounds, grocery stores, and other areas where kids come in contact with other kids besides school and day care? Maybe we should force all of these families who believe in raising their kids how they want into camps and give them badges on their clothes to identify them. I think I have seen that done somewhere else.

                          • kerrick
                            kerricka month ago

                            Look I thing its a good idea , but this is just one more way the government is controlling our lives . Telling us what we can and can not do . There are many things today that the government is telling us what to do . 1. What we can eat .2. What we have to buy (obamiecare) .3. What we have to except as normal (same sex marriage) . 4. What flag we can fly (because it seams to be anything other flag then the American flag) . 5. What we can say or for a better word what we can't . 6. What we can do to defend oneself or should I dare say , can't defend oneself . 7. How we can raise our children (don't spank them or go to jail) . And then wonder why we 12 year old kids running around with guns , beating up their elders and having no respect for authority .8. Told how to vote or you lose your welfare check . Enough is enough people wake up ! Time to vote these fools out . Or America is headed for yet another civil war.

                            • Anne
                              Annea month ago

                              My kids are vaccinated but I feel that parents have the right to decided if they want their kids vaccinated.

                              • Rose
                                Rosea month ago

                                The law wipes out the state’s personal-belief exemption, but it also rules out parents’ ability to refuse to vaccinate their children for religious reasons — which was part of the personal-belief exemption. In my opinion, this is going to go to the Supreme Court because I do not believe any state government can override a parent's rights to control what happens with their children. It is not for Governor Brown or any other government {elected} official to DICTATE to parents how to raise their kids. Also, because private schools, which do not rely upon government funding, were included in the law. No law gets to override, circumvent, or violate the Constitutional rights of parents regarding parental rights to care for the well-being of their children. This is NOT a dictatorship. There's going to be a lot of backlash, mark my words. First Amendment violations, to say the least.

                                • Andrew
                                  Andrewa month ago

                                  I don't understand this, if the other students are vaccinated and a few of them aren't because the parents don't want to, then the ones that aren't vaccinated are the ones with the risk, not the other students. It's illogical.

                                  • NETWORTH
                                    NETWORTHa month ago

                                    Over 15 years we have had only 1,000 cases of measles in the entire country without a single fatality. That's an infection rate of .0000007% and a mortality rate of 0%! Even vaccine doctors and manufacturers tell us that a vaccine is only 90-95% effective. We have a lower infection rate than we would expect in an entirely vaccinated population. We don't have a problem with measles or any other infectious disease! We don't have an outbreak or an epidemic. But, all of a sudden, 128 cases is enough for people to overwhelmingly relinquish our basic responsibility to care for and protect our kids over to the gov't. Are you kidding me? Are we so emotionally insecure that WE can't possibly exercise our own judgment to determine what is in our child's best interest? Only the gov't is capable of knowing if our neighbor's kids are a threat to us?

                                    • DrewG
                                      DrewGa month ago

                                      if vaccines were so effective, why does the US have the highest infant mortality rate compare to the top 32 medically advanced nations? our infant mortality rate double that of Japan, Iceland, Sweden, Norway...let it be no surprise that the US administers 2x the vaccines compared to those countries. something is not right here

                                      • T
                                        Ta month ago

                                        When I was a kid just about everyone I knew including myself contracted chicken pox, mumps and measles. We all got over it and developed a natural immunity. Developing a strong immune system is the best protection as well as avoiding sick people.

                                        • Tom
                                          Toma month ago

                                          One sure way to increase the mortality rate due to severe allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, and other complications, is to mandate vaccinations. I'm guessing that the big pharmaceutical corps must have lobbied heavily for this one.

                                          • Brian
                                            Briana month ago

                                            For those that don't understand that revoking the freedom of choice about what is injected or not injected into your own veins (this will be coming next) and your children's veins isn't one of the most horrifying propositions ever, i must say that you are just like much of the population in the 1930's in Germany. Everyone asks themselves 'how could an entire population become involved with a MINDSET and a course of action that ultimately led to the holocaust?' Well this is exactly how this happens, folks. One day future generations (if they exist) will look back and ask themselves the question 'how did they not see this coming?' - If this isn't turned around, there will be NO LIMIT to governmental intrusion into the lives of citizens - think about this - the government of California is bullying its way right into you children's bloodstream - literally. Please, folks, please...wake up to this nightmare and say NO.

                                            • Rdj
                                              Rdja month ago

                                              The fact that you think your kid is actually going to learn something useful in a public school makes you a dumb parent to begin with, then to give them vaccinations on top of that? What has convinced you dunces that our health system actually has our best interest at heart?

                                              • Carol W
                                                Carol Wa month ago

                                                I have 3 children. 2 of them got the vaccinations without issue but my son got his first one and within 24 hours was in the hospital very sick and unable to breathe on his own. The pediatrician said it was a coincidence--2 more times it happened before the doctor finally agreed that he could not tolerate these shots...they give in slowly to the idea that these shots poision some kids....and it has been the law in Maine for a long time that kids have to have their immuniations before they can start school unless you have one very fine excuse--such as near death...

                                                • Celtic
                                                  Celtica month ago

                                                  Just more evidence that the US is no longer a lawful and legal constitutional republic but rather a totalitarian police state. Just one more reason why the US will dissolve back in to 50 states minus a federal government.

                                                  • Liebchen
                                                    Liebchena month ago

                                                    Americans allow and vote for authority over them. Until they start to take responsibility through lawful means, they will be under the government they put over them. This means in all ways including medical.

                                                    • Robert
                                                      Roberta month ago

                                                      Isn't it funny that it tends to be liberals that support the "must vaccinate" position, but then on abortion argue that a woman gets to control her own body? I don't deny there are a lot of parts to the vaccination story, but does anyone else see the hypocrisy?

                                                      • Tim
                                                        Tima month ago

                                                        So you have your kid vaccinated, as with the majority of the other parents at your school. One kid is not, they get measles and cause an outbreak? So tell me again how this vaccination prevented your kid from getting measles?

                                                      • Yes

                                                        • Taylor N
                                                          Taylor Na month ago

                                                          Why shouldn't parents be required to vaccinate their children to attend public school. In the school district I attended (early 90's) and now work for, In Fresno County, CA, we have always been REQUIRED to be vaccinated. I don't remember people making a fuss about it. From my understanding, most of the people who recently contracted measles at Di$neyland weren't vaccinated, or were too young to be. I realize some have health issues, which is a valid reason not to be vaccinated. Others choose not to, the vaccination boogeyman is fearful to them. I don't understand why. Is there a vast, worldwide conspiracy to suppress information on the dangers of vaccination? I doubt it. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who advocated the danger of vaccines, and inspired millions worldwide not to vaccinate children, lost his license to practice medicine, and his peer reviewed study has been widely discredited, and for some reason it didn't meet ethical standards. I don't get it, someone explain a reasonable excuse not to vaccinate other than government overstepping it's bounds. Public safety is a government concern after all.

                                                          • daniel
                                                            daniela month ago

                                                            It may not have been statute law when I started school 65 years ago but all that attended school were required to show an immunization record to enroll in school. Those that object the most are generally well educated and more liberal than the average citizen. Oddly they are also the very same ones that profess that the Government knows best about how we should live our lives. They can always go into the home schooling business.

                                                            • Kathleen
                                                              Kathleena month ago

                                                              Parents that refuse to vaccinate their children (unless in dire and RARE medical exceptions) are irresponsible and so incredibly SELFISH. Each unvaccinated child undermines the protection provided by the vaccines, thus putting others in danger as well as themselves. People seeking special religious exemptions and personal belief exemptions do not deserve the protection they are riding off from the vaccinated population.

                                                              • The Militant Pacifist
                                                                The Militant Pacifista month ago

                                                                Good, if they want to go to public schools they should take the mandatory steps to safeguard themselves and others from being exposed to these horrible diseases. Not doing so is selfish and very dangerous. They should mandate that home schoolers do it too.

                                                                • Alison
                                                                  Alisona month ago

                                                                  Then it's time for all faculty members, parents and teachers alike to line up and get their shots too. It's a know fact that vaccines don't last a lifetime. So come on pro-vax parents lets set the example for our children and get our necessary boosters as well. Otherwise, what is the point of vaccinating the children when we adults can still spread disease.

                                                                  • MARTIN
                                                                    MARTINa month ago

                                                                    Ok, we'll vaccinate our children but only if the manufacturers of the serum accepts full responsibility for any adverse reactions or complications from same and not the federal government.

                                                                    • Kari
                                                                      Karia month ago

                                                                      Another article just recently came out. Spain just had its first recorded case of diphtheria in 28 years in a six year old boy. The disease had long been considered eradicated in most of the western world because vaccines had been so effective. The boy DIED after spending nearly a month in the hospital. The toxin caused his respiratory, cardiac, and kidney functions to fail. His parents made the decision to NOT vaccinate their son because they don't believe in them (now they do). The diphtheria vaccine is widely available and Spain even offers FREE immunization services. The parents now say they felt "tricked" by the anti-vaxx movement. One illness. One death. Eight other children have been found to be carrying the bacteria but are not sick. All eight were vaccinated.

                                                                      • An Old Man
                                                                        An Old Mana month ago

                                                                        With all the clamor for truth in advertising, an ingredients label might help with the fear of vaccinations. From what some are saying, it is not the vaccinations per se but the contaminated vials they are stored in. Some vials have shown that they contain Mercury, Formaldehyde, Aluminum, and MSG's. By themselves, these are deadly or life threatening, but together? Guarantee clean pure vials and people will feel safer. How can there be a mandate for a cure but with suspicious vials and no truthful information? A vaccination may cure, but the other things may cause damage. We should have the right to know. Vials are made in different storage materials from plastics to glass.

                                                                        • middleoftheroadguy
                                                                          middleoftheroadguya month ago

                                                                          I'm now 54 years old. That doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. What does matter is that I had an uncle that had polio. He had it before the vaccine was made. He had a crippled leg, farmed his land and walked with a pronounced limp. He was a very good person. Everybody loved him. He died early because the polio also weakened his aorta. It burst at dinner while he was eating. He spent about 2 months in the hospital before he passed. He was pretty much unresponsive during that time. My take ( and this is just what I learned from this ) is that if you don't want to vaccinate, keep your offspring away from the rest of us. You are perpetuating deceases that kill others. Whether now or later, they kill. Those that refuse vaccination are wrong, on many levels. I know from experience.

                                                                          • Ed
                                                                            Eda month ago

                                                                            I remember as a child the fear of getting polio, it was such a relief when they reported that Dr Salk had created a vaccine to prevent polio. These young people that didn't grow up during this time must think past outbreaks of polo and typhus and these other diseases is a miff. Not getting the vaccine is like letting you children play Russian rue-let.

                                                                            • Metal-X
                                                                              Metal-Xa month ago

                                                                              I am usually here championing for our rights. Today is NOT one of those occasions. Every now and then something comes along like vaccinations that to me, are an exception to the rule, things that truly are for the greater good.It is everyone's right to, not a right that was given to us by our constitution and when I say everyone, I am talking about every single human being on this planet, to have a safe and healthy life for as long as they do live. This particular right supersedes our constitution, one of the very very very few. And to this end, vaccinations need to have a special place, somewhere safe from the ignorant people that are against it, basically, above the law.I think about my kid in school, then I think about that one stupid parent who is for some irrational and unfathomable reason not getting their kid their vaccinations... That kind of ignorance just scares the heck out of me.Also, for those who are against vaccination, you are among a major major minority, there are less of you than there are gay people, that is how few of you there are, you might actually be one of the smallest slivers of society on the planet, maybe, but at the very least here in the U.S.. For some reason you have chosen to listen to some stupid actor and that actor's followers instead of listening to the scientists and doctors, who by the way, actually KNOW what they are talking about. I have zero sympathy toward you for all the danger that you put everyone else at risk of. And any negative feedback from you will fall on deaf ears and go completely without response, after all, you are irrational, which means that holding a conversation with you is not going to be productive.

                                                                              • Darkman Dave
                                                                                Darkman Davea month ago

                                                                                “In a high school of 1,000 students, none has ever had measles. All but 5 of the students have had two doses of measles vaccine, and so are fully immunized. The entire student body is exposed to measles, and every susceptible student becomes infected. The 5 unvaccinated students will be infected, of course. But of the 995 who have been vaccinated, we would expect several not to respond to the vaccine. The efficacy rate for two doses of measles vaccine can be higher than 99%. In this class, 7 students do not respond, and they, too, become infected. Therefore 7 of 12, or about 58%, of the cases occur in students who have been fully vaccinated.As you can see, this doesn’t prove the vaccine didn’t work – only that most of the children in the class had been vaccinated, so those who were vaccinated and did not respond outnumbered those who had not been vaccinated. Looking at it another way, 100% of the children who had not been vaccinated got measles, compared with less than 1% of those who had been vaccinated. Measles vaccine protected most of the class; if nobody in the class had been vaccinated, there would probably have been 1,000 cases of measles.” - CDC website.

                                                                                • Rebel
                                                                                  Rebela month ago

                                                                                  I don't believe the government should intrude in our lives, however, I do think vaccinations should be mandatory for our children's safety and ours as well. That is how we wiped out polio and whooping cough.