What's the best IDE for web development?

created by eric a month ago
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

    • MikZeR
      MikZeRa month ago

      I'm personally a .NET C# webdeveloper and I use Visual Studio

      • connorjshea
        connorjsheaa month ago

        Switching from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code today. Took me a while, but I really want to go with an open source editor and everyone keeps raving about it.

        • Mino
          Minoa month ago

          Highly featured, zippy, stable

          • sunandom
            sunandoma month ago

            Interactive and dynamic Web development. Best debugging in the world

            • rahul
              rahula month ago

              tunak tunak tun tara ra

              • BillyBo
                BillyBoa month ago

                Microsoft is getting legit again

                • SumGirl
                  SumGirl25 days ago

                  Debugging, Feature rich, Stable, Intellisense, Extensible.

                  • soupflies
                    soupflies25 days ago

                    Very handy features built it, tons of extensions, simple expansion with snippets

                    • RyanR
                      RyanR11 days ago

                      It automatically detects merge conflicts! Also has great extensions!

                    • Sublime

                      • vrinsofttech
                        vrinsofttecha month ago

                        very fast, good for front-end development, but also PHP

                        • Skull666
                          Skull666a month ago

                          Simple, light-weight and supports a ton of languages and plugins

                          • xipelaz
                            xipelaza month ago

                            fucking fast

                            • spackle0
                              spackle0a month ago

                              Simple. Extendible. Free.

                              • nong23198
                                nong23198a month ago

                                Fast, beautiful, pluginable, and isn't a browser tab pretending to be a program.

                                • lala
                                  lalaa month ago

                                  just works fast n reliable

                                  • kek
                                    keka month ago

                                    Because it's sublime. Nothing more to add

                                    • eric_theman
                                      eric_theman14 days ago

                                    • PhpStorm

                                    • Atom

                                      • huwad
                                        huwada month ago

                                        I'm using Atom text editor.. the best for me so far

                                        • spackle0
                                          spackle0a month ago

                                          A bit more stable than Sublime, I've found but more complicated settings.

                                          • asdfadsf
                                            asdfadsf10 days ago

                                            cleanest and most extensible editor

                                          • Bracket

                                          • Komodo

                                            • NogDog
                                              NogDoga month ago

                                              As far as free editors go, I like Komodo Edit. Komodo IDE has more features and is not free, but Edit is a very nice code editor that supports many code languages for syntax checking and highlighting.

                                              • chocnut
                                                chocnuta month ago

                                                I would also go for Komodo Edit, it is straight text based

                                              • IntelliJ

                                                • ArnavVarshney
                                                  ArnavVarshneya month ago

                                                  The best ide ever. Intelligent prediction and code completion. Also has a nice debug feature!

                                                  • jgammel
                                                    jgammel19 days ago

                                                    Premium. Excellent Support. Additional products such as DataGrip available, cutting edge technology. Kotlin programming, unique and extremely extensible. Beautiful design and layout. Overall runtime capabilities, and automatically compile resources, modules and libraries.

                                                  • Eclipse

                                                    • jgammel
                                                      jgammel19 days ago

                                                      this would be my second option. I am really surprised to see the overall responses in this blog. I would think that eclipse would be one of the top favorite IDE. This would be a second favorite of mine, not necessary for the appearance and features. This is the most popular IDE in the enterprise industry, if you have ability and knowledge to use it, I believe a person is much more successful when starting in a new job position with a new development team. In addition, most of the tutorials and blogs out in the world today, most of them are working within eclipse ide, which brings me to my next reason, Support and resources. Eclipse has so many different resources, to learn the ide and well as develop just about any type of application within the ide. There are a variety of frameworks and sdk that include eclipse marketplace plugins. Just about ever framework or library has the ability to be supported in eclipse. Eclipse is also open source. It is an easy ide to use as a beginning developer. I do feel there is a struggle when developing EE application that have large code repositories, especially when building with Apache Maven. The ide tends to run very slow, builds often and when installing marketplace plugins, this too has a very slow response to it. Also when developing complex applications, the ide is not quite as smart as other competitors in the industry. Most of the time when running an application, I have to manually set up the compile, build and deploy in order for the ide to pick up my configurations, whereas in IntelliJ - JetBrains, the software is very smart and upon importing an application into the ide, it will automatically compile, build and prepare to deploy upon the click of a button.

                                                    • Aptana

                                                      • Soooooooo
                                                        Soooooooo10 hours ago

                                                        Has some cool core features that have a slick design and cool integrated debugger.

                                                      • Dreamweaver

                                                        • designersX
                                                          designersXa month ago

                                                          Dreamweaver is a good IDE for Web Develpment. It has features to add its own bits of code to make things. I use Komodo Edit, but there are others out there. Its a good and based of straight text. I get into my wordpress account from that, (or access any ftp) and a make edit and update the files live from that. You can get your desire framework and theme to easy set the css.