What's the best way to prevent school shootings?

created by eric 5 months ago
  • Ban all guns for citizens

    • Nayibis89
      Nayibis895 months ago

      Outrageous it seems mental illness in America affects white males disproportionately. What a phenomenon. *rolls eyes with sarcasm*

      • bdunad33
        bdunad335 months ago

        Ban Benzodiazepines. Ban single parent homes. Statistically there will be 100% less school shootings this way.

        • michellealexander1
          michellealexander15 months ago

          Why are they necessary? Certainly not created for everyone: in everyday life. Australia tightened their gun laws and look how things improved there. If not a complete ban, then certainly make it much more challenging to acquire one so they do not fall into the hands on immature minds.

          • spacefox
            spacefox4 months ago

            Of course selling guns will only cause more shootings, I can almost guarantee that if guns weren't so easy to purchase, the amount of school shootings would drop drastically.

            • ewraweraiwe
              ewraweraiwe4 months ago

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              • emma1234
                emma12345 months ago

                Guns are not necessary for America's society today - their only purpose is to injure or kill another person in defence or attack. If all guns were removed, there would be no shootings carried out in anger and no shots fired in defence. The only people with a reason to carry guns are the police if they must stop a criminal armed with another weapon such as a knife.

                • Deep1
                  Deep15 months ago

                  Citizens don't need guns; do people in the US honestly think they're going to have to fight the government one day? You're not in a third world country. Imagine your children dying in a school shooting. Whoever voted to arm teachers is an absolute moron just like your president

                  • b_G-O
                    b_G-O5 months ago

                    Weapons designed to kill are not necessary for a citizen to have.

                    • abcd
                      abcd5 months ago

                      Why does a common man need a gun other than some army servant? Guns are increasing reason being that -> others have gun so to have self protection everyone wants gun and this keeps increasing. Now teachers gets guns and so what if teacher wants to commit a crime? its easy!

                      • jordanshoffmann2
                        jordanshoffmann24 months ago

                        While I don't think anyone actively wants this to be the reality, I do believe it's the lesser of all the evils. I'd love it if everyone was responsible with guns and only used them for hobbies, but that's simply not the case and we need to take action in response. I definitely don't believe that throwing more firearms at the situation will do anything but worsen the problem, and while better mental health programs are a step in the right direction, it's a long round about way to solve the real problem: we're handing people weapons of mass destruction. and trusting 100% of them to never make a mistake, or get angry, or have natural violent human tendencies.

                        • test
                          test4 months ago

                          Guns are the item used in school shootings. Logically, the best solution would be to remove guns.

                          • iaintstupid
                            iaintstupid4 months ago

                            bc i aint stupid

                            • SensibleHuman
                              SensibleHuman5 months ago

                              Most countries in the world do not have school shootings. And most countries in the world do not have armed teachers. Most countries in the world have far more restrictive gun laws than USA. Guns are designed to kill. And most civilized people do not want to kill other human beings. Only Americans seem to to want to have the right to do that....

                              • Victoria
                                Victoria4 months ago

                                the statistics speak for themselves

                              • Ban military style semi automatic weapons for citizens

                                • merowell
                                  merowell5 months ago

                                  There is absolutely no reason for a semi automatic weapon outside of the military.

                                  • Bustamover
                                    Bustamover5 months ago

                                    There are no sane reasons to own a gun of this type. And if someone is a "collector", then it can only be on display and locked up and they only get ONE display bullet.

                                    • 5 months ago

                                      a kids right to live outweighs ur right to own a military grade gun bc its "cool", it just does

                                      • adhirambachchan
                                        adhirambachchan4 months ago

                                        Guns are usually kept by people as a means to protect oneself from external threats and dangers. Consider a home intruder, rapist or a wild animal as a threat to a human being. A non semi automatic gun would suffice because it is easy to carry around and the possibility of multiple stray bullets is lowered significantly

                                        • des
                                          des5 months ago

                                          there is no reason for a normal citizen to own this type of weapons.

                                          • myopinion
                                            myopinion5 months ago

                                            there is no reason for citizens to carry weapons

                                            • Mahmood03
                                              Mahmood035 months ago

                                              Add a lot of paperwork to have a gun like Japan

                                              • visigothatthegates
                                                visigothatthegates5 months ago

                                                Reinstate the AR-ban. It worked back then, before the GOP repealed it. It, also, works in Australia - how many mass shootings have they had in the past two decades? Hint: It's less than one

                                                • asdf
                                                  asdf5 months ago

                                                  No reason for citizens to need semi automatic guns

                                                  • bmm130
                                                    bmm1305 months ago

                                                    I believe that hand guns and the like are fine, but I think there should be stricter laws involving owning semi automatics or laws that ban semi autos all together. Or at the very least, the semi automatic guns should be kept at a gun range and shouldnt be removed from there.

                                                    • aasdf
                                                      aasdf5 months ago

                                                      No reason for citizens to need semi automatic guns

                                                      • ObviousTroll
                                                        ObviousTroll3 months ago

                                                        As the title 'Military-Style' implies, it is intended for use by military. A civilian has no reason to have a full- or semi-automatic weapon, unless said weapon is disabled and mounted permanently on a wall or in a display case

                                                      • Arm teachers and staff with guns

                                                        • mrubio
                                                          mrubio5 months ago

                                                          I am a massive coward and the only way I feel safe is if literally everyone can kill everyone else at any time

                                                          • fkdsfkjs
                                                            fkdsfkjs5 months ago

                                                            Becuse we gotta protect the children. 2nd amendment right is the most important right. why they gonna take my guns away

                                                            • actual_sensible_person
                                                              actual_sensible_person5 months ago

                                                              It could be at least one or two cops/security guards with guns. If we wanted to have teachers to carry a gun on them within schools, they should understand the responsibility that comes with firearm ownership. Someone should have access to a firearm within a school if we truly want to take a stance against school shootings. Ideally, all law-abiding, responsible, and capable civilians should own a gun.

                                                              • jabesbee
                                                                jabesbee5 months ago

                                                                Honestly, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is with a good guy with a gun. Bad guys will always have access to guns, whether legal or not.

                                                                • BigDDesmarais68
                                                                  BigDDesmarais685 months ago

                                                                  How many school shooting does it take to realize that "gun free zones" DO NOT stop guns... good guys with guns guarding those doors, indeed, stop guns and save lives

                                                                  • Ryan_Harkness12
                                                                    Ryan_Harkness125 months ago

                                                                    How do we stop school shootings? I got a genius solution, which is to allow teachers with adequate training to conceal carry. Gun Free zones have always created easy targets. Active school shooter training to flee or hide is insufficient.

                                                                    • barbtherock
                                                                      barbtherock5 months ago

                                                                      To all the libs shouting about gun control, how many school shooting has Israel had this year? Since most of you can’t google, the answer is ZERO. Why? Because there are guns in the schools - on the teachers and staff. Armed good guys stop armed bad guys.

                                                                      • fdfdfe
                                                                        fdfdfe5 months ago

                                                                        It works for Israel

                                                                        • yosoy1235
                                                                          yosoy12354 months ago

                                                                          Give all students guns

                                                                          • supporter
                                                                            supporter4 months ago

                                                                            x d

                                                                            • Adriano
                                                                              Adriano4 months ago

                                                                              gun-free zone are common targets for shooters, it is a bad idea to keep school as a gun-free zone in the world full of cowardly people in search of victims. Brazil is the example that disarming the population has led to unrestrained violence, what they say on TV is not even half of what happens here. there are more than 60,000 people murdered (official data) outside the wounded and harmed for the rest of the life (tetraplegics etc). Believe that if you leave your security in the hands of the government exclusively, you will regret it bitterly.

                                                                              • jakebushlack
                                                                                jakebushlack4 months ago

                                                                                Response time in case of an incident is a matter of seconds. The threat always ends when armed personnel show up. It's just whether people want the police or school staff to be that person. We could also put police officers in schools for the same effect. Making new laws banning guns won't confiscate any lawbreakers guns. The law only binds law-abiding citizens, not psychopaths and terrorists.

                                                                                • josi
                                                                                  josi3 months ago

                                                                                  And f*** the metric system!

                                                                                • Better mental health programs

                                                                                  • grr
                                                                                    grr5 months ago

                                                                                    Every shooter has a reason. Guns are just the easiest weapon they can get. If they can't get guns, they can always make homemade bombs and poison gas. Unless they are as dumb as a brick and think they can get away with it, they know that this would be the end of their free life. It is a mental suicide. Mental health programs, anti-bullying programs, anything is needed to catch what they are feeling from turning into hate and feeling cornered. In the same way, you don't outlaw rope and standing on rooftops when people are suicidal, you take away their shoelaces only as the last resort. With all the suicide awareness and mental health programs, you try to help them and catch what they are feeling before it is too late. Banning guns and conceal carry are only the last resort strategies. The people who may carry out a shooting may just change their tactic or bury their feelings long enough to fake being a good citizen and be able to get the weapons they want. It does not solve the fact that for whatever reason these people are either batshit crazy or hurting inside. (Most have a valid reason, not that they just wanted to see people die) Either way, programs should have caught it before it got this far.

                                                                                    • grr
                                                                                      grr5 months ago

                                                                                      Background checks won't be able to catch young people with clean backgrounds where the shooting will be their first offense, unless they have a history of mental health problems.

                                                                                      • eqffonif
                                                                                        eqffonif5 months ago

                                                                                        We all need somebody to lean on. If not, then people go insane.

                                                                                        • jayturakhia
                                                                                          jayturakhia5 months ago

                                                                                          A gun is only a weapon. Tomorrow it can be a knife or a crude bomb or even a cycle chain. Blaming the weapon for a problem is naive and not a long-term solution. Speaking openly about mental health and depression is the only solution to cure this pandemic from roots

                                                                                          • notreal
                                                                                            notreal5 months ago

                                                                                            fix the cause not the effect

                                                                                            • weez
                                                                                              weez4 months ago

                                                                                              The people are the problem. They use the weapon. If you ban or limit guns those people will still hurt and kill others. Remember the people who rammed a crowed with a truck? You don't hear everyone trying to ban trucks now do you.

                                                                                            • Add gun checkpoints at entrances to all schools

                                                                                              • ScottSmithTN
                                                                                                ScottSmithTN5 months ago

                                                                                                Nationwide require three vets per school, allow teachers to conceal carry or open carry, lock down perimeters, guards at main entryways

                                                                                                • merowell
                                                                                                  merowell5 months ago

                                                                                                  • michellealexander1
                                                                                                    michellealexander15 months ago

                                                                                                    If a ban on guns can't be enforced, then most certainly the next step for safety is to ensure no such items can get into the school grounds. Seems odd this has not already been enforced countrywide based on the regularity of mass shootings in schools.

                                                                                                    • mnallamalli97
                                                                                                      mnallamalli975 months ago

                                                                                                      banning fire arms is definitely a controversial subject and it would be a miracle if we really banned them. Since we need a quick and effective solution for right now, the best way to prevent shootings would be to install metal detectors and gun powder detectors at every entrance of a school. As most school shootings happen indoors, this would make sure a student would not be able to come into school with a gun.

                                                                                                    • More comprehensive background checks